A Functional Medicine Approach to Candida

In Candida overgrowth, a natural fungus in the digestive tract becomes unbalanced. In its natural state, it helps digestion and nutrient absorption.

Candida overgrowth causes many different symptoms inside and outside the gut when it overgrows. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Candida is a “women’s” problem where as what is seen clinically is that can affect any gender at any age in many parts of the body including the gut, feet, mouth and vagina.



Candida infections can present itself in so many ways and has often a number of factors that can contribute towards it. Research indicates that the immune system and stress play a major factor in its origin. 

Overuse of Antibioitcs/ Low Diversity/ Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth / Fodmap Sensitivities / Motility Issues / Diet High in Fat / Low Stomach Acid / Leaky Gut / NSAIDs/ Birth Control Pill/Oestrogen Dominance

Candida Symptoms.

Treatment Approach

At the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine, treatment goals are to identify and address triggers of Candida and address the underlying causes 

Our treatment approach includes.

  • Identifying specific treatment goals which include anti fungal supplements, probiotics and prebiotics.
  • After a consultation with your Functional Medicine practitioner, a thorough understanding of all factors affecting your health, including physical, genetic, psychological, diet and lifestyle factors.
  • Development of a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Implementation and maintenance of that plan through periodic review and updates.
  • Food Intolerances/Sensitivity Testing

While the focus is on correcting the underlying conditions that are causing your symptoms, we will also look to ensure you can reduce some of the main symptoms straight away whilst waiting for test results so you can start living your life.

Our approach at the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine will aim to give you all the support you need, from recipes and eating plans, to ongoing consultations and support. 


Personalised Nutrition Approach

Our team of functional medicine practitioners will tailor personalised nutrition approach designed to reduce the substrate for Candida to feed on using a whole food low carb approach incorporating  nutrient-dense foods whilst reducing the glucose element of the diet.

Supplements and Probiotics

We will recommend specific form of probiotics and supplements to help reduce Candida overgrwoth and restore microbiome balance.

Stress Management

Persistent stress triggers inflammation within the body, potentially leading to digestive problems and Candida overgrowth. Our recommendations include stress reduction techniques to help your body become more resilient.

Herbal Antimicrobials

While conventional medical practitioners frequently resort to antibiotics for addressing digestive ailments (which often leads to more issues), our approach involves the incorporation of specific antimicrobial herbs and antifungals. These botanicals are aimed at reducing unfavourable pathogens and Candida overgrowth which could be  contributing to your symtponms.

Why Choose the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine?


Once you start the process, we will guide our collaborative process with a practitioner, We will gather the required information we through detailed intake forms so we can understand you better and help support and motivate you through the process.


Our practitioners have years of experience dealing with multiple conditions. The functional medicine approach focuses on the route cause and addresses the imbalance.

Personalized Approach

Every one of us is unique and has a set of circumstances. Everything about you including symptoms, lifestyle, diet, genetics and capacity to heal is different and will require a personalized approach.

Frequently Asked Questions about Candida

You can get Candida in the gut for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is from taking antibiotics as it disrupts the microbiome leading to Candida to florish. Other reasons including eating a diet full of processed foods, drinking too much alcohol, taking NSAIDs, exposure to prolonged exposure to stress and a weakened immune system.

Although, Candida isn’t recognised by western medicine as a serious medical condition, in functional and naturopathic medicine, Candida is taking seriously as it can be very debilitating for the patient, with many uncomfortable symntoms including brain fog, extremen fatigue and IBS symptoms which can really affect ones quality of life.

Candida can be very uncomforbtable to live with, however its completely curable with the right treatment and approach. At the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine, we look at the root cause of what caused Candida and treat the whole person using nutrition, targeted supplements and lifestyle changes leading to full eridication of Candida.

The best treatment for Candida is to look at what caused it in the first place and then using a combination of anti fungals, nutrition, lifestyle and immune supporting supplements to treat Candida.

Candida can last for months and even years when left untreated. When you start treating Candida you are generallly looking at around 3 months to get rid of it.

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