About Us

Our Philosphy

Although Functional Medicine in Ireland is relatively new, the practice of functional medicine has been around for decades in the form of holistic medicine.

As holistic medicine practitioners, The Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine was founded to provide a new approach to healthcare by bringing together a team of highly qualified functional medicine practitioners and Dublin nutritionists who practice an evidence-based approach using a functional medicine-based model. We look at the whole person and don’t just treat a set of symptoms. We take into account everything that may be affecting the way you are feeling: including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, hidden infections, environment and community. Whether you’re struggling with a current health issue or simply looking to achieve optimal health, we will deliver a program specific to you. 

Our expert team are committed to address the underlying causes of your health problems to restore optimal health, prevent disease and enhance wellbeing. Our practitioners will help you unlearn old habits that leads to poor health and give you the knowledge and guidance to achieve and maintain your vitality for your continued wellbeing.

How We Help Our Patients

  • We will listen to you, as we know you’ve been searching for answers, and we will give the time to consider all areas of your health history to connect relevant events.
  • We will find the reason you’re having that condition in the first place.
  • We use some of the top diagnostic lab tests that offer comprehensive testing to look deeper at how the different systems are functioning.
  • We will continue to support you going forward to empower you to be in control of your own health.
  • We will use a combination of nutrition approaches, targeted supplements and lifestyle recommendations to support your body’s ability to restore health and balance.

Why Choose Us?

Dublin, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is also home to a community dedicated to advancing health and wellness. Our Dublin-based Functional Medicine Practitoners and nutritionists understand the unique lifestyle and nutritional needs of clients who come to see us. Whether you’re a local resident or visitor, our goal is to provide you with tailored functional medicine programmes that address your specific health concerns and contribute to your overall vitality. 

We take time to look at the intricacies of your health to identify root causes, rather than merely alleviating symptoms. Your practitoner will look at your history and understand the distinct factors that influence your well-being. They will support you on your journey to overcoming symptoms and feeling better.

Work With a Functional Medicine Practitioner

Contact the Dublin Center for Functional Medicine to find out more about how we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you!