Long Covid

Long Covid

About Long Covid

Long COVID, also known as post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC), refers to a condition where individuals continue to experience persistent symptoms and health issues weeks or months after the acute phase of a COVID-19 infection has resolved. While many people recover from COVID-19 within a few weeks, some individuals, even those with initially mild cases, may develop a range of lingering symptoms.

Long Covid Symptoms

Long Covid Symptoms are far ranging and it will vary much from person to person. They can include.

Fatigue / Parasite Infections) / Shortness of Breath/ Chest Pain/Gut Issues / Joint and Muscle Pain / Brain fog or difficulty concentrating/ Headaches/ Loss of taste or /smell / Sleep disturbances/Heart palpitations

Long Covid Treatment Approach

Our functional medicine team are experienced in aiding patients on the path to recovery from chronic illnesses, such as concealed viral infections, chronic inflammatory diseases, or multi-organ dysfunction. When addressing long COVID, our methodology aligns closely with these principles and we are always looking at the why behind any condtions. We comprehensively assess all body systems, employing an evidence-based approach that integrates clinical diagnostics and suitable therapeutic methods to foster a robust immune response and facilitate recovery. Our focus extends beyond mere symptom management. Given the intricacies of long COVID, our approach involves optimizing immune function, mitigating inflammation, and restoring hormonal and nervous system balance to expedite your recovery process and get you back to living a normal life.

Our Approach to Healing Lond Covid

Nutrition Approach

Tailoring our approach to the specific symptoms and affected organs, we aim to enhance nutrient status and advise on avoiding certain foods. This personalized strategy is designed to provide your body with optimal support, maximizing its ability to overcome the challenges associated with this condition.


Based on the symptoms you present or the results of tests, your practitioner may suggest specific supplements to address imbalances or hidden infections that are identified.

Functional Testing
Your practitoner can advise you on specialized tests pertaining to long COVID, including the detection of reactivated viruses, which are often challenging to identify and seldom screened for. Additionally, we may conduct thorough microbiome and stool analyses, as well as other relevant tests to enhance our investigative insights.

Why Choose the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine for Long Covid Treatment?


Once you start the process, we will guide our collaborative process with a practitioner, We will gather the required information we through detailed intake forms so we can understand you better and help support and motivate you through the process.


Our practitioners have years of experience dealing with multiple conditions. The functional medicine approach focuses on the route cause and addresses the imbalance.

Personalized Approach

Every one of us is unique and has a set of circumstances. Everything about you including symptoms, lifestyle, diet, genetics and capacity to heal is different and will require a personalized approach.

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