Heal from within.

We are a functional medicine clinic helping our clients with a range of health conditions that will help them achieve optimal health

We are experts in personalised medicine and nutrition that places patients at the center and takes into account all aspects of bodily function rather than treating just symptoms.

Our functional medicine practitioners are experts in treating various health conditions from metabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, chronic digestive conditions, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. We work to put your body back into a balanced state of health through a number of modalities including lifestyle, nutrition and targeted supplements


The functional medicine approach aims to find and address root causes of  chronic disease and ill health rather than simply treating symptoms. Although, a new term in healthcare, functional medicine is merely the practice as looking at the body holistically rather than a disparate approach to treating the body as separate systems. 

We believe that the most effective way to approach and correct chronic symptoms is to look for and address the root causes, and to optimize diet and lifestyle. Our functional medicine practitioners are experts in areas such as genetics, nutrition, systems biology and disease processes and look to develop an understanding of how lifestyle, genetics and environment interact in each individual’s case.





We utilize specialized testing for a deeper understanding of where the imbalance lies that aren't used by traditional doctors.

Expert Team

We are a unique team of Integrative and functional medicine and nutritionists working collaboratively to get better patient outcomes.

Science Backed

Our practitioners use science and evidence-based approaches to ensure accurate, unbiased advice to create any treatment plan



You will receive a health questionnaire once you book which consists of questions regarding your health, lifestyle, diet, environment, and medical history. The questionnaire provides essential clues to your unique health challenges and is important to help identify the causes of your individual health problems.


The second consultation usually takes place 4-6 weeks after the first visit, but may vary depending on each condition.. Your practitioner will evaluate your symptom development since the last consultation and an action plan based on test results.


The number of visits will depend to the individual needs of the patient, but usually takes place at an interval of 4-6 weeks. During these consultations, we will assess the patients progress and adjust plans and protcols as we improvements.

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The clinic is located in 20 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2. However, we treat patients from all parts of Ireland and around the world using video communication including skype, zoom or google hangouts. 

Yes, a number of our patients use our telehealth service (video communications) so they can connect with a functional medicine practitioner wherever they are based.. If you are looking for functional medicine near me, the answer is, yes.

The main benefits of functional medicine are its approach to healthcare, taking into account many different facets that could be contributing to disease or health conditions. Instead of merely addressing symptoms to chronic conditions, Functional medicine takes into account a patient’s , family, lifestyle, history, genetics, social, and nutrition status, giving them a holistic view of each patient

Functional medicine uses a root cause approach to treating an health challenges that takes into considerations various factors such as genetics, environment, nutrition and lifestyle. Rather than looking into the body as isolated systems functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach that seeks to identify the underlying causes of a condition and provide treatment that addresses these causes, resulting in long-term benefits.

The Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine sees a considerable number of patients who suffer from persistent symptoms and have not obtained favorable outcomes from prior healthcare providers. To identify the root causes of their condition, we implement a comprehensive treatment approach that prioritises educating each patient about their body and symptom management. Our functional medicine methodology takes into consideration various factors that contribute to the imbalance and highlights the necessity of accounting for different factors to achieve long-term positive health outcomes.

The functional medicine approach taken at the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine can benefit a wide arrange of issues:

  • Metabolic issues

  • Skin health

  • Thyroid Issues

  • Sleep conditions

  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Skin Health
  • Women’s health conditions

  • Digestive Conditions including IBS/IBD and SIBO 

We currently don’t take private medical insurance.

A one off consultation is €325 (in person or €275 online) and invovles looking at past medical results & history, current medication or supplements, the consultation itself, a detailed report including nutrition, testing recommendations (Where needed) and lifestyle advice.

Our 3 month plan is €950. This option is best for those who want to commit to a period with a functional medicine practitioner to get a deeper understanding of what has caused the imbalance the presentation of symptoms. Typically, we see a period of between 2 to 3 months for an improvement in symptoms. 

Talk with our team today to learn more about the personalised programs on offer at the Dublin Centre for Functional Medicine.